Thursday, August 23, 2012

Upcoming eBooks, Billionaire Erotic Romance Series - In His World

Hi Guys,

I am currently working on Part 1 & Part 2 of my Billionaire Erotic Romance Series titled In His World. I plan to release Part 1 & Part 2 almost simultaneously. They will soon be published as eBooks. Here are the descriptions for these two upcoming books. I hope you will enjoy them. :)

In His World 1

Book Description:

In His World 1 – (Billionaire Erotic Romance, Domination, light BDSM)

Alice and her mother do not have much; but they always have each other. When Alice’s mother becomes ill, she has to take on a second job as a cleaning lady. Secretary by day and part-time cleaning lady by night, her destiny of routine and monotony changes when she meets billionaire Gordon Phillips. What starts out as an innocent fling explodes into a full-fledged affair and now Alice is sucked into the world of billionaires and power brokers. Money, power, lust, greed, and danger, the world of the billionaires is not all glitz and glamour.

Can Alice learn to thrive in the world of the ultra rich and the ultra powerful?

Will her affair with Gordon ever blossom into something more?


The book description for Part 2 contained some spoilers from Part 1; but hopefully not too much. Nevertheless, the story is too hot for me not to share with you. :)

In His World 2


Book Description:

In His World 2 – (Billionaire Erotic Romance, Domination, light BDSM)

Still basking in the sweet afterglow of her first encounter with billionaire Gordon Phillips, Alice was given a short command, "You are leaving for Hong Kong China in one hour". When she asked why she has to go to China, she received an even more mysterious explanation, "Because Alice, you are in my world now."

Sitting alone inside Gordon's private business jet and waiting for him to show up, Alice looks out the passenger seat window and realizes she is not the only one Gordon had ordered to accompany him to China. A small group of well-dressed and well-groomed professional men and women are stepping out of their limos. She even sees gun-carrying bodyguards accompanying the group.

What is waiting for Gordon and Alice in Hong Kong?

What is the real reason behind this trip?

How will their relationship progress and change?

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