Saturday, October 13, 2012

In His World Three (3) Now Available

In His World 3

Book 3 of my Billionaire Erotic Romance Series - In His World is now available for sale on,, and

In His World 3

On Sale for $2.99 USD

The assassination attack killed Jimmy Tang, a powerful Hong Kong mafia boss, instantly and left billionaire Gordon Phillips and his assistant Alice Jennings gravely wounded.

This was no simple assassination attack. It started with a carefully placed bomb explosion and immediately followed by a well-timed gunman. It soon becomes clear Alice could be the intended target.

Who would want Alice dead? Li Yun? Possible, but not likely. Then why did the gunman pointed his gun directly at Alice?

If it were not for Gordon's brave sacrifice, Alice would have died for sure. Before collapsing into unconsciousness, Gordon professed his love for Alice.

Was Gordon's confession a dying man's last attempt at redemption or did he really mean what he said?

One world, but how many different realities?

The Truth, as they say, is often dependent on your point of view.

Is Alice’s version of true love the same as Gordon’s?

Length: approx.  10,800 words.

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