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In His World Four (4) Now Available

In His World 4

In His World 4 is now available for sale on and (available soon on as well).

In His World 4

On Sale for $2.99 USD

As the black SUV carries Alice away from Gordon, her fate becomes uncertain. 

Alice is not the only person in love with the handsome and powerful billionaire Gordon Phillips.

Does Alice stand a chance competing against Gordon's beautiful and formidable fiancée and business partner Eva Lancaster?

True Love, what is it and what is it worth?

How far are you willing to go in order to get it?

Length: approx. 13,500 words.


Chapter 1

The night was silent; the black SUV continued carrying Alice toward an unknown destination.

Alice was quiet. She had stopped sobbing. Her tears dried up. She looked out the car seat window and saw the distant twinkling of the city lights.

She fell back into her seat. She closed her eyes. The sights had been too unbearable for her.

She did not speak at all. The black SUV drove on. No one knew what Alice was really thinking about.

Not even Alice herself knew what she was really thinking about...

Finally, the black SUV stopped.

Someone opened the backseat door.

"Miss Jennings, we are here."

Where? Alice reluctantly came back to reality.

"Here's your ticket and your travel documents. Please follow this flight attendant to your seat." One of the bodyguards handed Alice a small pile of folded papers.

Determined to be brave, Alice stepped out of the black SUV.

"Please follow me." A smiling female flight attendant was waiting for her.

Alice turned around to look at the bodyguard. He looked like a stone statue and stood between Alice and the limo.

Alice sighed. She knew immediately what was going on.

She was being escorted to the airport and she now had no choice but to board the flight home, alone.

There was no sense protesting anymore. Alice quietly and with dignity boarded the airplane.

Her ticket entitled her to a seat in the First Class. Alice was lead to her seat. She sat down quietly. There were only a few other passengers in the First Class section.

The flight attendant came back and brought Alice a glass of wine. Alice took a sip from the glass.

I wonder if Gordon knows where I am right now? Her thought inevitably turned to Gordon.

Is it possible?

Is it possible Gordon wanted to get rid of me?

No, it can't be! Not after all we have been through.

Alice refused to believe Gordon had anything to do with her current situation.

But, what am I supposed to do?

Will I be able to see Gordon once I am back in New York City?

Who's behind all this?

Miss Lancaster?

She is Gordon's fiancée... Alice grudgingly reminded herself...

Gordon, oh Gordon... Alice wondered how she should handle herself in front of Gordon and Miss Lancaster...

No, I will not give up.

I will not give up without a fight!

I will give us a fighting chance, but just only one chance...

She could still recall vividly as Gordon stepped into that other black SUV with Miss Lancaster.

No, I am not going to beg or even lose a thread of my dignity.

If we are meant for each other; then we will be together no matter what.

But maybe...

Alice sighed.

Maybe she is a better match for Gordon?

If Gordon chooses her then I'll wish them the best...

Sadness started to fill up in Alice's heart again. She had to interrupt her thoughts and turned her face away.

Alice took another sip from her wine glass. She took a deep breath and recomposed herself.

"This is your captain speaking. Thank you for your patience. We should be taking off shortly."

Alice strapped herself in. Although she was leaving Hong Kong alone and without Gordon, something told her she would be reunited with Gordon again soon.

Trying to fill her head with happy thoughts, Alice was ready to go home.

The body of the airplane started to come alive. The jet engines began to purr. These were the sounds of a commercial jumbo jet getting ready for the runway.

The warm-up process should only take a few minutes. All the passengers were ready and eager for the take off.

The sounds of the turbine engines grew louder and louder. The airplane began to vibrate a little. Alice closed her eyes. She knew the take off was one of the most dangerous parts of the flight.

All of a sudden, all activities stopped.

The engines became silent. The vibrations ceased. It felt like the airplane had suddenly died.

Immediately, the feelings of anxiety and bewilderment broke out among the passengers.

"Buzz..." Sounds of white noise could be heard coming through the cabin speaker.

"Uh... Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain again. We are currently being held by the ground control."

"Please remain seated until further notice."

"Thank you for your cooperation."

Still seated and strapped, Alice leaned her body forward to have a look around. Other passengers were doing the same things as well. Everyone was as bewildered as she was.

Alice saw two male flight attendants walking toward the first class cabin. They stopped at the class divider.

Alice overheard the passengers behind her. They speculated the sudden delay to be the result of a possible last minute mechanical inspection or something of that nature. Either way, it did not feel like anything serious and they should be on their way soon.

Feeling the delay was probably just a minor annoyance, Alice closed her eyes. She leaned back and made herself comfortable. She was trying to fantasize a happy reunion scene for her and Gordon.

Will he be happy to see me?

Of course he will! Alice was certain Gordon would be on her side.

Will he take me into his arms right away?

Maybe I should play a little hard to get...

Alice began to lose herself in her thoughts again.

"Miss Jennings, Miss Jennings." A female voice was calling for Alice. She also felt someone was shaking on her shoulder.

Alice opened her eye. She saw the face of a female flight attendant trying to get her attention.

"Yes?" Alice answered.

Immediately the female flight attendant got pushed aside. A large Chinese man in dark clothes forcibly stepped forward and rushed next to Alice.

Alice was startled. She almost jumped up from her seat. She had no clue what was happening.

Without saying a word, the man swiftly put something cold and hard over both of Alice's wrists. He unbuckled her seat straps, grabbed her by the shoulders, and stood her up.

"Alice Jennings, you are under arrest for having committed crimes against the People of China."


Alice could not believe what was happening. She looked down quickly and saw a pair of handcuffs on her wrists.

She rushed to her senses and tried to get a good look at the man who did that to her.

Oh God No! He is wearing a black uniform!

It looks like the same black uniform I saw back in the hospital!

Before Alice even had any chance to catch another glimpse, a hood was placed over her head.

A Chinese man wearing black uniform pulled her arms from the front while another one pushed her body from the back. They were rushing her out of the airplane.

"Where are you taking me? You can't do this! I am an American citizen!"

"Help! Will someone please help me!" Alice screamed desperately for help as she was being taken away by the Chinese secret police.

"My name is Alice Jennings. I am an American citizen. Someone please help me!" Alice screamed and shouted as the men pushed and pulled her through the airplane cabin.

No one came to her defense. No one said a word to the black uniforms. Even though she could not see, Alice could sense the passengers' impatience and curious stares. They all just wanted the airplane to take off as soon as possible. They were very apathetic to the entire situation.

It did not take long. The black uniform Chinese secret policemen took Alice out of the flight to New York City and pushed her into a prisoner transport van.

Alice heard the sounds of the doors being slammed shut behind her. Her heart sank.

She remembered what Inspector Kwan told her might happen if she had fallen into the hands of the black uniforms.

No, I don't want to die.

Part 4 Now Available - -

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