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In His World 5 - The Conclusion Now Available

Book 5, also the Final book of the In His World Series, is now available on,,, and (available soon on iTunes as well).

Whew! It seems my publisher actually pushed the books through before the December deadline. :)

Please read and let me know what you think, thank you! XOXO

In His World 5

On Sale for $2.99 USD

In His World 5 - The Conclusion.

Alice has lost everyone.

Her mother is gone. Her best friend is fighting for her life.

Above all, in her greatest time of need, the love of her life, billionaire Gordon Phillips, is nowhere to be found.

She has lost everyone. She has lost everything.

Alice is now all alone, all alone in this world...

How can life be so unfair? How can love be so cruel?

Is there still a chance for Alice and Gordon?

Can Alice survive her love for the billionaire Gordon Phillips?


Chapter 1

In a remote corner of the hospital, there sat Alice. Alone and in despair, Alice had lost the ability to feel anymore.

No one had come to talk to her. No one cared. She was just some woman sitting alone on the cold hospital floor.

To the outside world, Alice was just another grieving family member. To Alice, the outside world was just a passing blur.

Time had the ability to transform despair into guilt. Minutes passed. Hours had gone by. Lily was still in surgery and Alice's mother was still missing.

It's all my fault!

I got them into this!

Alice bit on her lips hard. She thought she tasted some blood.

Who am I to dream?

I am just a plaything for Gordon.

Eva was right, he would never fall for me.

We are like bugs in their eyes. They can crush our hearts and lives all too easily.

Dear God, please just let me go back to the way it was before.

I don't need anyone else. I just want my mom back...

Alice clenched hard on the cell phone Gordon had given her, a drop of tear landed on the phone.

Alice wanted to hold on.

She really really did.

But the harsh realities left her with no choice but to let go.

Alice closed her eyes; she allowed her last drop of tear to fall and to land on the cell phone.

Goodbye Gordon, Alice could almost hear the whisper of her inner voice...

Chapter 2


Suddenly, Alice's fingers twitched.


The annoying sound of the cell phone demanded immediate attention.

The cell phone Alice got from Gordon had suddenly come alive. Someone was trying to reach Alice.

Could it be from Gordon?

The caller ID yielded no useful information.

The phone call stunned Alice. She allowed the phone to ring for a couple more times.

She had already given up hope. It would be hard for anyone to just shift her mood around so quickly and so easily.

But, what if it is from Gordon?

What if he has come to my rescue after all?

The flame of hope burned brightly again inside Alice.

As it turned out, the ember of love and hope was always there.

Alice looked at the phone.

She smiled. She was sure the phone call was from Gordon.

Better late than never.

Oh Gordon!

Alice felt relieved.

She laughed.

Alice's smiles turned into relief laughter.

There were also tears in her eyes.

Thank God, Alice was alone by herself. The onlookers surely would have thought Alice was a crazy woman. One minute she was crying as though the world had just ended. The next minute she acted as though she was the happiest woman in the universe.

Alice picked up the phone call. She could not wait to hear Gordon's sweet voice again.

"Alice Jennings, what are you willing to give up so you can get your mother back?" The voice was slow and deliberate. It was also a man's voice.



"Alice Jennings, we have your mother. What are you willing to give up so you can get her back?"

It's definitely not Gordon. Alice almost dropped the phone. It was from her mother's kidnappers.

A chill just went up Alice's spine. The harsh reality just became harsher.

Calm down Alice. Think.

What should I do?

What can I do to get my mom back?

Alice glanced around the hospital hallway, hoping to see the sheriff.

"Do you want your mother back or not?"

"Yes, yes I do!"

"Then you will do exactly as I say. Right now, you are the only one who can help your mother. Do exactly as I say; then we'll let your mother go."

"Wait, I need to know she's ok."

"She's ok, for now."

"No! Put her on the phone. I need to speak to her."

"You don't need to speak to her. We'll take you to her. Go to the corner of Cedar and Lake Street. Be there in exactly five minutes. Come alone."


Alice tried to find out more; but the phone went silent.

Who are these people?

Do they work for Eva Lancaster?

Did they stage the traffic accident?

How do they know I survived the accident?

Are they watching me right now?

He said they would take me to my mom. So maybe it is me they want after all...

What can I do?

Five minutes...

There's hardly enough time!

Oh Dear God, what should I do!

I can't even go to the police...

Before, time passed like a blur. Now, Alice did not even have a second to waste.

She had to make a decision and she had to make it now.

In His World 5 - The Conclusion. Now available on,, Kobo, and

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